Deep-Focus High Resolution Flower Photography
includes additional Macro Detail shot
My flower photos have a unique quality that I think make them pop. It's their ability to capture every detail from the nearest trichome-covered leaf tip to the farthest curly little stigma, and nothing more. To achieve this look, I use focus stacking technology. Although the high resolving lenses and high resolution camera I use produce sharp images, they are limited by physics to a relatively narrow depth-of-field for single photos of this kind. So I take between 25 and 150 photos, combining just the in-focus parts of each to form one. This technique is generally used in macro photography and some landscape work, but I employ it here in my cannabis flower photography to ensure you're seeing everything that these flowers have to offer.

One Flower
Photography and editing of two views.
One standard re-edit for both.
One Hi-Res JPG of the flower
One Hi-Res JPG macro close-up.
Additional JPG files optimized for Social Media.
Royalty Free Commercial Use License
$250 flat*

Two Flowers
Same terms as above.
$400 flat (if shot on the same day)*

Each Additional Flower
Same terms as above.
$100 flat (if shot on the same day)*

Additional Re-Edits or Complex Re-Edits

*Flower photography is generally performed on-location. Modest travel expenses
  are additional and based on job size and distance.

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