​​​​Deep-Focus High Resolution Flower Photography
includes one additional Macro Detail image per flower
$250 per flower
$400 for two (if shot on same day)
$100 each add'l (if shot on same day)
High Resolution Product Photography
Two Options:
Standard ..... $75 per image flat
Art Directed . $250/half-day shoot
                    . $450/full-day shoot
             plus . $50/image edit
High Resolution Macro Nug Photography​​
Branding & Editorial Photography
Pricing is divided into two parts:
Shooting . $250/half-day
                . $450/full-day
Editing ..... $250 per day's output
Social Media Marketing Videos
Whether you need dynamic and clever ways to introduce new products and services, or crave eye-catching videos that will promote your brand, contact me to discuss ideas for moving your company forward.
High Resolution Panorama Wall Murals
6 x 9 Feet & Beyond
Suitable subjects include:
Grow Sites, Greenhouses
Group Shots of Staff or Company Principals
(Prices quoted on a project-by-project basis.)
Also Available
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